Corporate social responsibility

Policy statement The Godwinson Property Inventory (Marketoo Ltd) is committed to meeting its social, economic and environmental responsibilities and recognises the value that undertaking CSR activities can provide. To achieve this commitment, we will work hard to find a balance between the financial sustainability of Godwinson as a business and our wider ethical aspirations and responsibilities. As a minimum, we will comply with all legislation, standards, statutory and other obligations and best practices which are relevant to our activities and the jurisdictions in which we operate. We will seek to comply with client policies where required and reasonably possible to do so without conflicting with our own policies or other obligations. Aim This policy aims to support Godwinson as a socially and environmentally responsible company, with financial stability that protects our employees, provides value to our clients and actively engages with stakeholders. Our wider aim, through the operations we undertake, is to have a positive impact on communities and the environment. Responsibilities The Godwinson (Marketoo Ltd) Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the content and implementation of this policy and will assist each person by refreshing and reinforcing this policy via application, guidance and monitoring where appropriate. Operating Company Directors are responsible for having an awareness of the social and environmental impacts of our operations and taking appropriate measures to help their staff act in compliance with this policy. Overall compliance with the requirements of this policy is the responsibility of each operating manager within the company. The Managing Director will ensure their company’s adherence to this policy. Line managers are required to check that their staff are aware of this policy and any associated guidance. All staff are required to comply with the policy requirements and share responsibility for our performance in implementing it. Implementation Through our business culture we will support initiatives to promote environmental sustainability, social inclusion and diversity and will encourage our staff to consider how we as a company and they as individuals can improve their local community. We acknowledge the value of local communities and aim to build positive relationships wherever possible. We seek to make a positive contribution through the services we provide and encourage participation, interaction and engagement. We recognise the environmental and social benefits of using local suppliers to support our offices. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging. The financial and mentoring support we provide to the Godwinson, our apprentices and trainees and other organisations helps to develop skills and deliver better outcomes in education and natural hazard research. We hope this will continue to diversify the origin of staff who join Godwinson. We consider the social, economic and environmental aspects of our business decisions in accordance with our Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy and operate in a way that guards against unfair business practice. We seek to protect the environment. We provide and maintain a clean, healthy and safe working environment and operate in accordance with our certified health and safety management system and our Health and Safety Policy Statement. We operate in accordance with our Well-being, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Working Hours, Dignity at Work and Training and Professional Development policies to ensure all current and potential employees are treated fairly and with respect. This includes promoting a working environment that is free from discrimination, bullying or harassment; offering remuneration packages with equal pay and opportunities regardless of gender that accurately reflect qualifications and experience; and providing training opportunities, apprenticeships and work placements. We pay all our permanent staff above the legal minimum wage and the Living Wage or its equivalent. We encourage our suppliers do the same. We do not use slave, illegal child or forced labour (including human trafficking) either directly or through our supply chain and record the actions we have taken to avoid this in our Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We operate in an open and honest way with stakeholders, including our clients and suppliers. We maintain a Gift Log and a Bribery and Corruption Risk Register and, in accordance with our Anti Bribery and Corruption and our Avoiding Anti-Competitive Behaviour policies, apply a zero tolerance approach to acts of bid-rigging, mis-selling, bribery or corruption by any of our employees, business partners or agents working on our behalf. Our contracts with suppliers clearly set out the agreed terms and conditions and we encourage suppliers to adopt responsible business policies for mutual benefit including improving local labour standards and environmental management in the supply chain. In accordance with our Procurement Policy we pay our suppliers in a timely fashion and operate in accordance with the Prompt Payment Code wherever possible. We seek and respond to the opinions of our employees and clients, and respond to any complaints in accordance with our procedures. Approval This document was approved by the Board of Marketoo Ltd (Godwinson) on 24/11/2021.

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