Health and Safety Policy

Policy on Health and Safety Policy statement Godwinson Property Inventory (Marketoo Ltd) is committed to providing its workers with a safe and healthy working environment in which appropriate welfare arrangements are available, our activities are free from risk and do not place anyone in harm. We are committed to the proactive management of health, safety and welfare for all Godwinson Inventory staff, sub-contractors, sub-consultants, visitors and others so that they are not compromised as a result of our activities or undertakings. We provide all necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to meet our policy aims. We are committed to maintaining a Health and Safety Management System that will comply with all health, safety and welfare legislation, standards, statutory and other obligations and best practices which are relevant to our activities and the jurisdictions in which we operate. We will seek to comply with client policies where required and reasonably possible to do so without conflicting with our own policies or other obligations. We aim to achieve continual improvement in our health and safety performance and engagement, and we promote a positive health and safety culture throughout Godwinson Inventory to drive higher standards regarding health, safety and welfare, actively encouraging safe behaviours, and improving unsafe working behaviours and practices. Prevention is better and cheaper than cure: profits and safety are not in competition - safety is good for business. Responsibilities The Godwinson Inventory has ultimate responsibility and accountability for health and safety in Godwinson Inventory and is responsible for reviewing and approving the content and implementation of this policy; identifying and addressing internal and external strategic risks and opportunities which could impact on the intended outcomes; setting performance objectives; and reviewing the health and safety management system at planned intervals. The Director with ultimate responsibility for health and safety is Tudor George. He liaises with the other named Directors within the Godwinson Inventory who have accountability for health and safety within their operating. Operating Company Managing Directors are responsible for the implementation and delivery of this policy and compliance with relevant legislation. The Group Board has appointed a Group Health and Safety Adviser to advise, monitor and report on the health and safety management system and to identify areas where improvement to worker safety and health is possible. Directors, line managers and project managers are responsible for the health and safety of their direct staff and are required to monitor that their staff are aware of this policy and comply with it and any relevant legal duties. A designated person (usually the Office Lead) at each office is responsible for implementation of office procedures in accordance with our health and safety policy. They are authorised to require that appropriate actions be undertaken and act as the office representative for co-ordination of consultation and worker participation. The Health and Safety Adviser in each office carries out and reports the findings of regular office inspections, records accidents, incidents and near misses and raises awareness within their office of our health and safety management system. All staff are required to comply with the policy requirements and share responsibility for our performance in implementing it. Implementation We will take specific steps to identify, assess and minimise health and safety risks at the earliest possible opportunity within our activities. Through carrying out internal audits, reviewing our activities and seeking feedback from our clients we aim to review and improve our approach to health and safety risk management. We will actively consult with our employees and encourage participation on matters affecting their health, safety, wellbeing and welfare; actively encourage the reporting of ‘accidents, incidents and near misses’ through a fair blame and positive management and safety culture; provide and maintain for use by our staff, plant and equipment that are safe and without risks to health, so far as is reasonably practicable; provide safe working environments, so far as is reasonably practicable, that are without risk to health and maintain any place of work under our direct control in a condition that is safe, without risks to health and which has adequate means of escape in the event of fire or other emergency; take appropriate measures to ensure that any other workplace, where we exercise control to any extent, is maintained in a safe condition and without risks to health; encourage staff to leave a site immediately if they feel unsafe; allow staff to refuse to work, without fear of redress, reprisal, discrimination or retribution, if they consider their health, safety or wellbeing to be at risk; provide staff, sub-consultants, and any contractors working for us with information, instruction and training to allow them to carry out their tasks safely, and also provide supervision and guidance as appropriate; carry out our activities, including involvement in inventory planning, design, investigation, cleaning, maintenance or dismantling, on all projects with due regard to health and safety of persons who may be affected now and in the future; make appropriate arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of equipment, materials, articles and substances, where such activities are carried out by our staff; provide appropriate first aid arrangements; provide adequate resource for management of health, safety, welfare and wellbeing; actively identify hazards and assess risks with the aim of eliminating hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks; prepare office and project specific health and safety management plans and risk assessments and brief those affected on measures to protect their health, safety and welfare; undertake regular proactive monitoring through inspections, audits and safety observation reporting; undertake accident and ‘near-miss’ investigation and disseminate findings; and openly report on our occupational safety and health performance. Reporting Health, safety and wellbeing is a standard agenda item on all external project meetings and for internal Godwinson Inventory meetings attended by more than three members of staff. Reporting and review of health and safety procedures is included on the agenda of all Directors’ meetings. This document should be read in conjunction with other relevant Godwinson Inventory policies: Critical incidents Dignity at work Driving and vehicle use Drugs and alcohol Equality, diversity and inclusion Wellbeing Whistleblowing Working hours

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