Procurement Policy

Policy statement The Godwinson Property Inventory is committed to purchasing goods and services in an efficient and sustainable manner that secures our joint objectives of obtaining value for money and appropriate standards of quality, health, safety and wellbeing, environmental and information security practices. Wherever possible, we will use energy efficient, resource efficient and low pollution and carbon products that have minimal impact on the environment and have been produced without causing detrimental social or economic impacts. We will use suppliers who recognise our aims and strive to deliver a service in accordance with them. We will be a responsible purchaser and will treat our suppliers fairly. We will comply with all legislation, standards, statutory and other obligations and best practices which are relevant to our activities and the jurisdictions in which we operate. We will seek to comply with client policies where required and reasonably possible to do so without conflicting our own policies or other obligations. Aim This policy aims to help us procure goods and services in an efficient and sustainable manner. It supports our Sustainability and Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility policies. Where practical and applicable we use suppliers who can demonstrate good health, safety, welfare, environmental, sustainability, quality assurance, ethical and information security practices; require that our suppliers comply with our policies relating to bribery and corruption, anti-competitive behaviour, modern slavery and human trafficking and prompt payment; maintain a list of approved suppliers who have demonstrated their capability to supply Godwinson Property Inventory with a high- quality service and who operate within all the relevant legislation and legislative requirements regarding the service they offer, especially regarding health, safety, the environment and modern slavery; provide all approved suppliers with access to our safety, quality and environment related polices; use local and SME suppliers and those who comply specifically with all Godwinson Property Inventory requirements, standards and guidelines and those of our clients, where appropriate we support our supply chain through sharing guidance; apply sustainable procurement principles to sub-consultant and sub-contract services and operate in accordance with the Prompt Payment Code; purchase environmentally preferred and low carbon products, and encourage our sub-consultants and sub- contractors to do the same; and purchase low emission vehicles and energy. Responsibilities The Godwinson Property Inventory is responsible for reviewing and approving the content and implementation of this policy and will assist each operating person by refreshing and reinforcing this policy via application, guidance and monitoring where appropriate. Operating Company Directors are responsible for taking measures to help their staff act in compliance with this policy. Overall compliance with the requirements of this policy is the responsibility of each operating company within the Group. The Managing Director will ensure the company’s adherence to this policy. Line managers are required to check that their staff are aware of this policy and any associated guidance. All staff are required to comply with the policy requirements and share responsibility for our performance in implementing it. Implementation Godwinson Property Inventory project managers should always consider suppliers from our approved list in preference to procuring goods or services from an alternative supplier and should review any relevant scores and comments posted by Godwinson Property Inventory staff or other purchasers about the supplier. Godwinson Property Inventory staff should consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of the products and services being procured, wherever practical, and consider low impact options wherever possible. Considerations such as the supplier size and location, resources used, travel requirements and waste produced, the amount of packaging and its recyclability, product reusability and recyclability, and product safety all contribute to the overall sustainability and environmental impact of that product or service. This also applies to site services that we procure. All sub-consultants and sub-contractors will be expected to adhere to Godwinson Property Inventory policies at all times when working for Godwinson Property Inventory. Our safety, quality and environment related policies are available from Payment advice for suppliers is available from our websites in the document Godwinson Property Inventory Guide to Getting Paid: advice for suppliers. Approval This document was approved by Godwinson Property Inventory (Marketoo Ltd) on 21/11/2021.

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